New Kid on the Block


So this me. Hello, I’m Joyce, I’m 20, turning 21 on August and I’m trying to blog.

Until today, I’m hesitant whether to make a blog here at WordPress or stay in Tumblr. Here’s the link to my old so-called blog. I’ve been blogging for a year now but I don’t feel better. You see, I want a blog that has a purpose for me, a blog that has unity, direction and has a sense that people would love read it.

So here’s to my first ever blog entry here in WordPress! I haven’t started planning on what to post. I feel like such a newbie. I’m really having a hard time on understanding WordPress. There are so many links and options. *Insert confused meme here*

In addition to that, while I was inserting a picture of me for this post, I bumped into the option of setting it as a featured image. I searched about it and I found it so cool but I think the theme I’m using does not support featured image. Here’s the link I read on about featured images. I want to have one!! If anyone of you who’s reading this and know that you can help me, please do leave a comment. I will surely appreciate your help for this lost, wanna be blogger.

Hah, I realized that I talk too much and the thoughts are not related so I think, I will forever just be trying to blog, and not blogging at all.


40 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block

    • Hello! Haha thank you for welcoming mee =D I checked your blog and yes you’re one awesome Odee. You write very well πŸ™‚ And checked your tumblr as well. TF ka ata ha! Ang galing moooooo πŸ™‚ Hahaha i followed you πŸ™‚

      • LOL busy ako sa pagpapalit ng theme ko sa dito sa WP ngayon haha kaya medyo magulo pa… thank u ha! Anong TF?? Wehehe! XD

      • tumblr famous! HAHA. Ako rin nag-aayos ng theme pero give up na, naguguluhan akooo. Di ko ma-customize themes nila na kasing dali gaya ng sa tumblr! HAHA. Ang hirap ditey ha

      • Tumblr famous ka dyan! Hindi kaya… baka ikaw… ;D may bayad kasi ang ibang customization dito sa WordPress e, unlike Blogger. 😦 Kainis!

    • Haha kind of weird right, but most people in tumblr has a sense of community especially living in their own narnia world :O And yes WP seems more like a blog. :} Hello Ibrar. Is that your name? Ang cool. And i saw that you’re into arts =D

      • yeah..exactly….I was on tumblr but no matter what i did, I never dd get many followers and such…the themes at tumblr are super custmisable but being very active on that,I didnt get much community feel there….Here, people actually do check out my stuff.. πŸ™‚ and yeah im very much into arts ans gonna make a palette knife painting today! though, can’t think what to make…I usually make rainy scenes…but can’t put my finger on a ‘particular scene’.. any suggestions?!

      • me too! may i know your tumblr url?:O
        May i ask why do you usually make rainy scenes? I mean, are you sad about something or anything..
        HUHU i’m not good in giving suggestions O_O but what do you like most po ba? maybe i can give you some good suggestions from that question =D

      • here’s my URL though, that blog is now..not in use anymore… And I wasn’t much active on that blog in recent past weeks… But If you rly wanna interact; im on Google+ and Facebook [links in my About Page :3] I make rainy scenes, as rain brings a surreal freshness onto everything, some people consider rain to be gloomy and sad but I think otherwise, I love rain and do try to enjoy the rainy days to the fullest…. rain inspires me.. and i didnt get the ‘po ba’ part….typo? πŸ™‚

      • i’m soorrryy. “po” is used to give respect, here in the Philippines =D hee. you are from?
        i love arts as well but i’m not that gifted haha. Yes, rain is inspiring, i used to love it 😐 haha.
        maybe you should try creating pieces about sunshine for a change =D

      • Oh… it’s okay.. πŸ™‚ no worries….. and thanks for giving me ‘respect’ …im from South asia..writing this blog form Islamabad… I was into arts from , like my childhood or so…My artistic ability rly–came to like when I got my graphic pen……and now i do both digital and traditional art… hmm, I may have done a few sunshine paintings before… I prefer rain though, as there is immense about of detail that you can draw in that……. though, i must say that I havent taken any art classes or art schools; im an sciences/engineering student who loves art.. πŸ˜€

      • me too, i’m into arts since childhood but i’m too lazy to upgrade my skills and put my imagination into reality hahahaha. post more of your masterpieces! i love sunshine, post your sunshine paintaings so the world can see =D anyway, i’ll be signing off now, i spent my whole day on the internet, i wanna be productive on my new hobby so i’ll spend the rest of the night sewing. haha. see you tomorrow! it’s really nice knowing you πŸ™‚ hope we can interact more in the future =D

      • Oh, there a ‘lazy’ time for me too..lolz..But then I got a graphic pen and then, you get better so fast ! The first few steps (into art) are quite difficult but then when you get the hang of it, well- then it’s awesome! you will be quite surprised if you looked at my old arworks, as they look very different and ‘not so awesome’ . And, I just posted one of my ‘masterpeice’ πŸ™‚ right now…It’s waterscape digital painting…. I’ll too be signing off from WP now (as i’ve been sitting on this seat for like 3 hours straight, and now my butt rly is started to hurt ) i too hope to interact more in the future… Ciao :)!

      • I wasn’t into the Tumblr community too until i stopped blogging in English and just use my native language. That’s when a few started noticing my Tumblr blog. πŸ™‚ WordPress has a great community as well, and you get to have readers from faraway places. πŸ˜€

      • Yeah, Odee I have to agree with your first reply! (which somehow didnt appear in my notifications) ..i used to blog on Tumblr in English only; hoping that a few would notice me but invain.. I havent tried blogging in my native language, that may work in getting some attention….I may just try it out..:)

  1. I would never be able to tell from your comment section that you are a new kid on the block. Wow, you have a lot of visitors on your first day! Good for you and I hope you continue blogging and WordPress is definitely a great place to be. Since your theme asks if you would like to set a featured image then it does support it. The image itself has to be the right dimensions though. Check to find out what size your theme wants. Or, let me see if I can do that for you. I think the width has to be at least 1124 but here is more information for you. I hope this will be helpful

    I look forward to more of your posts.

    • Helloo Mr. Tom =D Thank you for the welcome. Actually I really don’t have an idea what to blog about, sometimes when i thought of blogging something, I’m not online so I’m not able to post it; and when i go online, i already forgot that something haha. I think i’ll post more about my life (and everyone will leave my page haha) and some DIYs i think? =p anyway, when I posted my first entry, the theme i’m using is called the 2011 theme. I browsed and browsed and browsed and saw this new theme and immediately activated it on my blog. HAHA. I really don’t get the 1124pixel. 😐 haha

  2. In order to have thumbnail images like in the link you showed you need a self-hosted blog. You will get better at blogging the more you blog. πŸ™‚

  3. I thought I was the only one feeling unofficial in Tumblr. Welcome to WordPress! You’ll like it better. It has a more formal feel to it as a blogger. πŸ™‚ I had to struggle at first too when I moved. πŸ™‚

    • AHUUUH πŸ™‚ but i don’t really know what to blog. I was encouraged when I first read your blog πŸ™‚ it reminds me of my blogging in multiply last few years ago haha

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