Long Distance is the Wrong Distance

I was searching for my preceptor on Facebook but no matter how hard I try (I scanned a mutual friend’s friends list but still, no sir), I can’t find on Facebook so I searched Google.

I was surprised to see his face, but it’s not on Facebook. It’s on YouTube. Obviously it’s a video.

I watched the video, and it’s for his girlfriend. I felt the love he has for his girl while listening to his message and it even made me cry. His song touched my heart. I remembered the pain and the hardship in long distance relationship. I tell you, it’s not easy. Take it from me, I had three. While watching the video, all I can feel is the pain my preceptor is feeling right now because of the distance their love has. I wish they could be together sooner T_T I wish they would hold each other’s hand firmer, and that they would have a strong heart and strong Faith in God for their relationship.


3 thoughts on “Long Distance is the Wrong Distance

  1. Long distance relationships are very hard. Any kind of relationship is hard! Since I have been blogging I have met many wonderful people and even though I have never met any in person, I do miss them sometimes and it can be hard missing friends. It was nice of you to write this post.

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