So today is my birthday :)

Hi! It’s been so long. As always. I realized that whenever I’m blogging,  my first line is always about how long was it before blogging again. But it’s true! Haha. Anyway, how was your long weekend?:)

So today is my birthday! Happy birthday 😀

I celebrated it last night, and we welcomed it with songs and laughter, so I’m free today. I have nothing to do but to rest, because tomorrow will be a big day for me. It will my first day of training of becoming an official IV therapist nurse! I’m so excited! Hee.

I don’t really celebrate my birthday. I don’t know why. I prefer going to the mall, or just sleeping the day away. But my friend Jake wanted me to celebrate it so we can have a mini reunion. I’ve nothing to do, and for a change, I made it happen! Haha. Good thing my friends are always on the go. I texted them just hours before the celebration and wow, they really came! Thank you 😀 They just went home this morning!

Realizing that I’m already 21, I don’t know if I’m still young or old enough now for some big changes in my life. I don’t know how to word it, but I hope you can understand what I mean without giving a word about it. From time to time, I evaluate my life, I always check on it and review on how is it going and how I want my life to be. It’s so frustrating!! Did everyone pass this stage? Or is it just me? I sound totally confused.

I always ended up asking my friends on how are they in the kind of life they are living right now. Are they satisfied? Are they happy? Is that what they ever wanted? I always get an answer of sureness. Wow is all that I can say, and all I can think is why am I not truly happy(?) I don’t know. I can say that I’m happy about my life right now, but you know, I want more. I don’t know if that “more” is needed or just a want. But I really want it, I want to make it happen, and I do hope that it is needed and will be achieved. I don’t just want to settle in a life like this(?)

Hah. It’s so confusing and tiring. I want to rest. I’ll just live on what my best friend told me. “You’re thinking too much, just live NOW.” Hoo! Blow me away! Rarr.

And to colorfully end this post, here are some pictures from last night. We used Aish’s cam instead of mine so I don’t have any good pictures on hand.

This is what I wore last night 😀 I made the fringe metal necklace 😀

Some of my friends 🙂 And a cake for everybody.

Aaand last, but definitely not the least, some of the gifts I received 😀

***Additional entry

Oh! Pahabol! Right before clicking the post button, my sister went home with this S&R pizza! YUM! Way to end this post! Food flood is the term for today! And the old picture of me on the right side was made by Reezey. Oh the old woman! Haha.


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