The Chopping Board Experience!

Where could you ever have the best chopping board experience? Of course, only at the ‘Cue Modern Barbecue!

I was fascinated when I saw #foodporn pictures from instagram that serves entrées in a chopping board. It was very unusual! It was irresistibly attractive! (At least for me *wink*) I immediately took note of the restaurant’s name and searched for more! I found out that it was just in Bonifacio Highstreet, and it is just 10 breaths away from our house! Hah. And also, the pictures of the food were alluring!

And today, I finally got the chance to go there! This day was made for my very first chopping board experience! It was planned a week ago! Haha.


This was the main reason why I really wanted to try out ‘Cue! –the chopping board! The culprit!


We started on Fried Buttermilk Wings. It was very sweet, not too sweet though, it’s just sweet enough to get your stomach going. And I loved it! Abeng told me that it tastes like Bonchon’s wings but way too better and it’s saucier. We were so hungry before we got to ‘Cue so we just ordered the first starter that is listed on ‘Cue’s faves. It was a best choice!



For our main course, AKA the chopping board, we chose Dry-rubbed Baby Back Ribs in their home-made spices; also listed in their faves. (Syempre naman, ayaw namin ng di masarap! Haha!) When it came in our table, I was first disappointed because I think it was too dry and it doesn’t look appetizing at all. But when I started eating it, I couldn’t resist stopping and I ate a half slab in just 20inutes! Haha. And I’m not even full after that!

By the way, their entrées can be served with both a house-made side or staple and a sauce of your wish! We chose rice, of course. (Pinoy na Pinoy!)



And it’s true! After eating a half slab of baby back ribs, we are not yet fully satisfied so we ordered ‘Cues burger! And yes, it is also included in their faves!

We loved it, especially those sweet potatoes that’s gonna potate! Hahaha.  This ‘Cue burger is a 6-ounce all-beef patty with mozzarella, smoked provolone, chorizo slices, arugula, and it has a dash of red wine. It’s not that juicy as expected, and I don’t know about the taste. It’s just normal, for me, I think. But we all have different taste buds, so I don’t know to you. Hee. You should try it!

I can say that my experience in ‘Cue is worth a blog post, obviously. Haha. It was a habit of me to search for new restaurants and I’ve tried a lot. Too bad, sometimes I’m too lazy to blog. But I’ll try my best to share it with you, because, boy oh boy, some are just God sent restaus! You shouldn’t miss it.


‘Cue has been very extraordinary on their servings; they couldn’t miss serving even their receipt extraordinarily well. What a cute, unusual way to send bills! A red jar that I wanted to take home! Haha.

‘Cue will never fail you on serving in an unusually, attractive way!


Before I forget, here is a picture of the place! What a fun way to educate us with the meat we eat, right? Oh food source diagrams! Haha.


And to end this post, here’s a picture or Abeng and I at ‘Cue and a picture of me fancying in this pink pastel Christmas lights! 🙂


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