A Wishlist of Sorts

I’ve wanted so many things lately. And I hate myself for that. 😐

I can’t save! I cannot save! OML. I bought too much things as of now. And now, I still have my long list. *sigh* I just can’t let them go. Even if I can’t have them now, I’ll go for it sooner or later. Gosh! What’s with this kind of wanting?!

Just an example. I’ve been addicted to clutches lately and now, look at my room! There are piles of clutches! My gosh! Pssh.

1. Colored hair

Colored hair

It’s not literally a gift, but before 2012 ends, I want my hair colored. I don’t know what happened, that I suddenly want my hair colored. My hair is a so-called virgin since then; I’m preserving my jet black hair.

I really want to be red-haired like Jaja Chua (lower) but our charge nurse told me that it is not acceptable in MMC. Then my second choice is brown, just like Camille Co’s hair (upper). I’m not really a fan of brown hair, but many people tell me that my face is too strong, especially with this jet black hair of mine, and it can be sweeten up by coloring my hair into brown! So the second choice.


Or maybe just like Patricia Prieto’s ombre hair πŸ™‚

2. Canon G1x or Canon G15

Canon Cameras

My papa told me that he will buy me new camera so I went to Glorietta earlier and canvassed for cameras.:) I went to canon, since I am a canon user since ages, and I asked the seller to give me cameras that are smaller than SLR but has the same or almost same image quality of SLR. He gave me Canon G15. It was love at first sight! I literally want to buy it in that moment but I controlled myself. I asked if there is any camera that is better, and he gave me Canon G1x. I liked it more! But it is bigger than G15 😦 I wanted G1x but it has no 1-inch macroshot! Too bad! I love taking pictures of ants and mosquitos. Haha very weird. So for you camera experts, help me, which is better, Canon G15 or Canon G1x??

3. Ipod Touch 5th Gen


I just want an upgrade of itouch. My itouch is my everything! I store thoughts, beautiful pictures of places, food, clothes, shoes, arts and many more in there! Steal my itouch and you’ll know me better. πŸ™‚

4. An iphone. May it be iphone4s or iphone5


I am just so addicted to instagram and I want better pictures for it, so the wanting of having an iphone, because my itouch cannot provide great pictures for my posts.

5. Das 16 red


I have wanted to have a wisteria wedge from Topshop but it is sold out already when I heard of it. I wanted the cream one because it is so versatile but when I tried on a red wisteria-like wedge in Jannylyn, it is so damn hot! In Jannylyn, it’s 2, 999php. Das have it for 3, 500php. Das have it more structured. I’ll go for Das, it’s just 500php away! I will buy one on February, 2013. since Das, I think, will be participating on a bazaar on February. πŸ™‚ And i don’t really know my exact size for Das. One of my pairs is in size6, one is in 7. Weird.

6. Lipsticks


I am not a fan of make up, but it is a must for our job. You don’t want to be paler than your patients, right? And lipsticks, because I am a lazy queen and when going out, just a dash of lipstick and I am so ready to go! Haha plus point for my eye bags and dark shades on my eyelids! It looks like I wore an Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow!

7. Acrylic or not organizers


or not

I’m making my life better.

8. Another shoe rack


It is self-explanatory. HAHAHA!

9. Clothing rack


Haha, what? I don’t know what to call them! Am I right? Clothing rack? But I just want one!

10. A new sewing machine


I will be going back to sewing. Since I started working as a nurse, I don’t have time for anything, even for my friends! It drains a lot from me. But now that I can manage my time more wisely, and I promised myself that I will make time for my hobby, I will really make sure to do it. Plus, I miss designing and creating stuffs even if I am not that good at it. Practice makes perfect people!:)

11. New set of clothes


I feel old! HAHA. My taste of clothing is changing! So after buying my dream camera, I will make sure to take pictures of my old, new clothes and sell it online on a very cheap price! Swear, most of my clothes are just stocked in my cabinet, how can I use it when I am always in a white uniform? Might as well sell it, then I will have more space for new ones. Hahaha.

12. Donut bun and hair puff


I love hair styling! Reese and I love styling each other’s hair. I miss it already 😦 Whenever we’re together or we learned a new style, we’ll do it to each other. Since then, my hair hasn’t been styled and I always don’t have a time to style my hair whenever I go out and I don’t know why so my hair’s always a mess; therefore, buy donut bun and hair puff, they are the easiest hair tricks.

13. An Eiffel tower


Not the real one! Just a small tower that I can place in my desk to be inspired πŸ™‚

14. True love and peace on earth


I always pray for that. YOLO!

Hah this has been too long!


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