PG 11, 12 & 13

Disclaimer: This is a backlog way back from college.

Most of my posts from now on will be a backlog since multiply (my storage for pictures and memories) is really closing it’s door for personal space; hence, I need to recover all my memories and save them here on my blog.)

Beware: Photo flood.

November 12 and 13, 2010.

Adventure. Impromptu. Solid.

3 best friends. 2 days. 1 great experience!

Thank you Bibe and Abeng!

 photo bogsa.gif



PG first

L-R: Meet Abeng (Abiel) and Bibe (Bryan) =D

PG float

Aaaah. Serenity!

PG follow

Aww I think this picture is sweet. HAHA. Chos ko lang!

PG trio

PG boys



PG Bibe love

Gettin’ tipsy is way to end the first day!

PG lovin

PG loves

PG funky

PG jump

Haha hindi pa nagsabay mga talon namin :))

PG bibe

PG ABC love

PG Bibe

PG henna

What is summer without henna, guys?

PG bb


PG1 rainbow

PG Joyce

Good bye Puerto Galera! You’ve been great! Thank you for the breath.


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