Make Things Happen


Le busy Bryan (Bibe) went home last week and it’s very rare to have a schedule with him (damn he’s so busy that even friends should get an appointment to see him!), so what do we need to do? BOND!! I always see Bibe and Abeng..individually, but not them together. It’s been long since they saw each other together and there always come some hindrances whenever it’s about time for us three to bond. Last Saturday, Bibe and I are free, but Abeng have work. Bibe will go back to Ilocos in a few, so what good friends should do? Make things happen! And the result? Go down South with Bibe for Abeng!


Since Abeng’s workplace is at Nuvali, we planned to eat lunch there to make things easier for Abeng to head to work after our bonding.

We decided to try Pig Out! since none of us had tried it before. Way back in college, we always make sure to eat in a new restaurant per month and we call it our “Fancy Restaurant Day.” Bringing back the good ol’ days, that day was our Fancy Restaurant Day!! #Fatties


We got Sisig rice (the bomb!), calamaris, tapa (i love!), and chicken. We knew that the rice is bitin so we ordered another one called chicharon rice and it’s so not good it didn’t even make it to my blog! Haha! It smells like fats and looks like fats! I hate it! But we’re hungry and we need rice so we ate it, still.


We arrived at Nuvali at 1200H, finished eating at arounf 1400H, and we still have an hour to waste and spend before Abeng’s shift starts.


We all know that these days, the sun and the heat are unbearable! We can’t roam around the open Nuvali so we just went to 7-11 to get some cool air then went back to Bibe’s car until Abeng’s shift.

After sending Abeng to his work, Bibe and I went to Sucat to see AA and his new shop, went back to his house to get Bea and go to ATC, send back Bea to home and fetch Anna for dinner, and lastly, send me back home to rest!

Wrapping the whole day up, I can say this is one my rest days well spent! I’m usually driven crazy for doing nothing during my rest days, just like now, and for that day, I was happy and fulfilled!

I missed them so much! I miss wasting time for friends and not thinking of any responsibilities, works, stress or whatevers. Just pure fun! We all know that most of us are occupied by work and things to be done; let’s not forget to unwind and relax. The saying “All work and no play makes Joyce a dull girl” never gets old!


Here are some pictures from my instagram @jumeister

South bound mode with @brybau922 to Abeeeng!☀☀ it’s been a while Bibeee! Missed you! xoxo | Literally pigging out with my loves!:) yay we’re completooo! #pigout #solenad #nuvali #abc @brybau922 @abeng | Hulaan nyo pano kami tumayo =))) @brybau922 @abeng | Threesome. Indeed. #fattyMcFatties


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